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Ewaste/Electronics Recycling

Ewaste/Electronic Recycling
In the Hamilton & Waikato Area

FREE DROPOFF at our handy
Hamilton Central Location
FREE PICKUP for larger quantites
In Hamilton & Waikato Area

We recycle from the following
Private, Business, Schools,
Goverment Departments

We Handle The Following Items
Computer Monitors, Plasma, and LCD
Main Frame and Server Computers
Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks & Adapters
Personal Computers, Desktop Computers
Mini Frame Computers
Software, CD's, DVD's
Power Supplies
UPS [uninterpretable Power Supplies]
Hubs, Routers, Switches
All Peripherals, Keyboards, Mice, Modems, Scanners etc
Terminals, Thin Client
All Hardware
Cables and Leads
Laser Printers, Inkjet Printers, Dot Matrix Printers
Data Projectors, OHP Projectors, Slide Projectors
Phones, PABX Systems, Telephone Equipment
Cell Phones,Smartphones, PDA's, Handhelds,
Including Cellphone Batteries & Adapters
Fax Machines
Digital Cameras
Electronic Components
Stereo's, Hifi Sound Systems, Audio
VHS & Beta Recorders,
DVD Players ,DVD Recorders
VHS Tapes, Beta Tapes, Audio Tapes, LP's
Retro & Modern Gaming Consoles & Software
Retro Computers & Software
Audio Tapes, CD's, DVD's,
Computer Software and Gaming Software
Any Other Type of Electronics,
Or Electrical Item not listed above.
At the moment we are unable to take
Old CRT TV's or CRT Monitors.

If You Have It We Can Recycle IT
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